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Fall Favorites

October 25, 2013|Categories: Featured, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard So right now many of you are probably gearing up for Halloween festivities next week. We are, too! This week will be filled with last minute additions to the mermaid costumes my mother so lovingly put together for both "Butters" and my niece. We will also be decorating pumpkins and cooking some last [...]

Back to Basics: Meatloaf

October 4, 2013|Categories: Back to Basics, Beef, Beef, Featured, Main Dishes, Recipes|Tags: , , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard Have you noticed a change in the air? A crisp breeze on a much cooler afternoon?  Me too and I LOVE it!  There are changes happening everywhere, but one thing is still the same.  It is the first Friday of the month, which means it's time for a new Back to Basics [...]

Baked Frito Pie

September 20, 2013|Categories: Beef, Beef, Casseroles, Featured, Main Dishes, Onions, Recipes|Tags: , , , , |

By Kelly Bogard All in favor of cooler weather please raise your hands.  In my head, all of Texas is raising their hands right now.  Thank you for that because I totally agree.  This weekend is the official beginning of autumn and, in Central Texas, we have been told to expect our first cool front. [...]

Slow Cooker Brisket Tacos

July 12, 2013|Categories: Beef, Beef, Main Dishes, Recipes, Slow Cooker Meals|

By Kelly Bogard Okay, I have a confession to make. Last week I ran away.  By that, I mean I went on a vacation.  Yes, I did take D and Butters with me.  And, of course, the week we left Texas for cooler weather, a cool front moved through Waco, too.  We spent the week [...]

Steak Betti

May 17, 2013|Categories: Beef, Beef, Featured, Main Dishes, Onions, Recipes, Rice|

By Kelly Bogard Have you ever had something stuck in your head and it just won't get out...like a song, an idea or even a recipe?  This seems to happen to me constantly.  If it is a song, I have to sing it out loud before I can get it out.  An idea, yep, I have [...]

Stuffed Avocados

March 22, 2013|Categories: Beef, Beef, Featured, Main Dishes, Recipes, Vegetables|Tags: , , |

By Kelly Bogard March 20 was the official beginning of spring. The trees are budding, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. The summer vegetables are starting their journey. There is a spring fruit that's in full glory right now, though—the avocado. Right now, they are readily available and at a good price! Avocados  have some major [...]

Spaghetti Pie

January 4, 2013|Categories: Beef, Beef, Casseroles, Featured, Main Dishes, Recipes|Tags: , , |

By Kelly Bogard The new year has started, and it's time to start following our New Year's resolutions. What are you planning to do? Eat healthier, work out more or maybe cook more? Mine is to cook more. You may think I cook constantly, but I really don't. With the convenience of restaurants and fast [...]

Penny’s Cheese Ball

December 14, 2012|Categories: Appetizers, Featured, Recipes|Tags: , |

By Kelly Bogard It truly is the most wonderful, yet busy, time of the year. With holiday parties and shopping for gifts, in addition to keeping up with everyday life, it can be challenging for even the most organized person. I love to throw parties. I can plan for months for one night. Daniel and [...]

‘Two’ Good Chili

October 26, 2012|Categories: Beef, Beef, Featured, Holiday Treats, Kid-Friendly Meals, Main Dishes, Recipes, Slow Cooker Meals|Tags: , , |

By Kelly Bogard From a very young age, I remember spending most of my free time in the kitchen.  Whether it was prepping stuff for my mom or helping my dad cook breakfast, I have very fond memories of growing up with food. My first attempts to cook on my own started with a kid's [...]

Pamela Brown’s Italian Meatballs with Sauce

October 12, 2012|Categories: Beef, Featured, Main Dishes, Recipes|Tags: , , |

By Kelly Bogard I do not know Pamela Brown, but a member of the Texas Farm Bureau staff does. Cindy Wennin, our senior graphic designer, is a good friend of mine. And a good friend of hers is Pamela Brown. Pamela was nice enough to share her recipe with Cindy and the story behind it [...]