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4-H grows Texas

Oct 06, 15 4-H grows Texas

By Julie Tomascik

Small town or big city. Dreams grow. They flourish. And develop into a future.

Those dreams—and the kids behind them—are inspired by 4-H. An organization for the young and old. Shy and outgoing. Creative and technical.

Because there’s something for everyone. And the possibilities are endless.

It’s National 4-H Week. A time to celebrate those 4-H members we know and care about. The ones who work day-in and day-out “to make the best better.” Just like their motto says.

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Loaded Baked Potato Dip

Oct 02, 15 Loaded Baked Potato Dip

By Kelly Bogard

Cooler weather, falling leaves and lots of football. Autumn has arrived!

Fall is football at our house. Every weekend. Some weeknights. Check our TV and it’s game on. Even Butters is a big fan!

Food and football go hand in hand. And since it’s party time when we watch weekend games, I am always prepared with something new for everyone to try.

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Find family fun at state, county fairs

Sep 29, 15 Find family fun at state, county fairs

By Jessica Domel

Texans, get ready. It’s. County. Fair. Time.

The time of year when families and friends come together to ooh and aah over exhibits that have taken weeks and even months for local youth to put together. Colorful quilts. Fabulous photos. Breathtaking crafts.

It’s where eating fried junk foods is allowed, and sometimes encouraged.

Nothing says "fair time" quite like a corn dog! Photo by Kevin Brown/State Fair of Texas.

Nothing says “fair time” quite like a corn dog! Photo by Kevin Brown/State Fair of Texas.

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5 kitchen must haves

Sep 25, 15 5 kitchen must haves

By Kelly Bogard

I love being in the kitchen. Cooking food that brings smiles is dear to me. But sometimes there’s a better way. From prep to leftovers there are everyday items that can help  make things easier.

1) Parchment paper.  From cookies to chicken breasts, I use this with anything I put on a baking sheet. Not only does it keep things from sticking, it keeps my pans clean. No worrying about baked-on crust that has to be soaked off. I even use it for brownies.

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Food prices roller coaster

Sep 22, 15 Food prices roller coaster

By Julie Tomascik

What goes up must come down. Even if it takes a while.

That’s the case with Texas food prices, which dropped slightly in the third quarter.

Lean ground beef led the decrease at the meat counter, according to Texas Farm Bureau’s Grocery Price Watch survey. The protein fell to $4.30 per pound from $4.59 last quarter.

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