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Kid-friendly Tricks and Treats

Oct 24, 14 Kid-friendly Tricks and Treats

By Kelly Bogard

Princesses, Ninja Turtles and Super Heroes. Add cute pumpkins, silly clowns and a ghost or two and you have a party. Our neighborhood is “the place” to be on Halloween.

My sweet girl loves to help me in the kitchen, especially on Halloween. So here’s some kid-friendly treats!



For Ghost Bananas, you will need…Tricks and Treats
6 bananas, peeled and cut in half
1 pkg. white almond bark, heated per package instructions
24 mini chocolate chips
12 popsicle sticks

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Connecting the dots

Oct 21, 14 Connecting the dots

By Jessica Domel

I love aha moments. You know the kind. When something you’ve heard, maybe a dozen times before, just finally clicks in your brain and everything makes sense.

My nieces had one of those moments over the weekend during the last days of the State Fair of Texas.

My brother and I took the girls to play carnival games and see the attractions on the midway. We stopped by the car show and walked through the home made from a giant log. And, of course, we visited the award-winning steer, lamb, goat and barrow.

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Tastes of fall

Oct 17, 14 Tastes of fall

By Kelly Bogard

It’s finally starting to feel like fall, even if the leaves haven’t started changing colors.

With fall weather comes football, crafts and good times with family and friends. And those good times are sure to be shared around a plate of delicious food.

Embrace the cooler weather with some of our favorite savory meals and tasty desserts from Texas Table Top.

Chicken Fried Deer Steak
Chicken Fried Deer Steaks - Final

Reata’s Jalapeno Cilantro Soup
Jalapeno-Cilantro Soup - final

Little Dove Poppers
Little Dove Poppers

‘Two’ Good Chili
Two Good Chili

Candy Apple Cupcakes
Candy Apple Cupcakes

What’s your favorite fall recipe?

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Meet a Texas rose farmer: Mark Chamblee

Oct 14, 14 Meet a Texas rose farmer: Mark Chamblee

By Julie Vrazel

Not all farmers grow corn, cotton and grain sorghum. There are lots of specialty farmers, too. Like Mark Chamblee.

He wakes up and smells the roses every day.

That’s because Mark is a rose farmer in Tyler, where he and his family have been growing roses since 1953. Their nursery, Chamblee’s Rose Nursery, is a part of Tyler’s rich horticultural history.

Most people don’t think of roses as a crop, but Mark and his crew offer more than 200 varieties of roses from around the world. His customers range from businesses to gardeners who are trying to liven up their landscapes.

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Four-Cheese Lasagna

Oct 10, 14 Four-Cheese Lasagna

By Kelly Bogard

Preparing for a family gathering can be a tough challenge. You set the date and time. You invite the guests. But what about the food?

It has to look good, taste good and fill everyone’s stomachs! Sounds like a job for lasagna.

That means a plate smothered with an abundance of noodles, tomato sauce, meat and cheese. What’s not to love?


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Holiday frights & tasty delights

Oct 07, 14 Holiday frights & tasty delights

By Jessica Domel

Pies, jack-o-lanterns and festivals, oh my!

It’s pumpkin time and Texans are lining up for holiday frights and tasty delights.

Welcome to Floydada, Pumpkin Capital USA, where up to 1,400 acres are home to 15 to 20 million pumpkins annually.

Floydada also is the base of Pumpkin Pyle, a three-generation family farm that this year planted 400 acres for pumpkin patches across the state.

“Each year, we try to find new and neat stuff that people would like to buy and sell,” says owner Jason Pyle.

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