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Turkey Lettuce Wraps

May 27, 16 Turkey Lettuce Wraps

By Kelly Bogard

As school ends and summer begins, it’s getting harder to find time to make big meals. Especially when you just want to be outside watching the kids play. It’s the last weekend before most kids get out of school for the year. And, just like them, I can’t wait to have some time in the sun on the warm days to come.

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Don’t mess with Texas wildlife

May 24, 16 Don’t mess with Texas wildlife

By Justin Green

Wild animals are wild. Redundant, but apparently it needed to be said.

Recently in Yellowstone National Park, tourists picked up a bison calf because they thought it might be cold. For hundreds of years, these magnificently powerful creatures have not only survived in the cold, but thrived in the weather.

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Peach Compote

May 20, 16 Peach Compote

By Kelly Bogard

Spring is in full swing with warmer days and stormier nights. Birds are singing and the days are starting to get longer. Roadside stands are popping up, and farmers markets are bustling with crowds.

Fresh fruits and veggies fill each of them. Like peaches, plums and some berries at the peak of freshness. Mouth-watering delights!

This week’s recipe uses some of that fresh fruit and is a sweet complement to biscuits and bread.

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5 dirty truths on agriculture

May 17, 16 5 dirty truths on agriculture

By Julie Tomascik

Farming and ranching is tough work. Downright dirty at times. Those long hours on the tractor, in the pasture or in the shop aren’t for everyone.

Only a few choose to do it—about 2 percent, actually. Most of them clock in at a young age and never retire.

And you should know the truth about what they do. What really happens on farms and ranches across the state and nation. Like these five dirty truths…

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Fiesta Chicken Salad

May 13, 16 Fiesta Chicken Salad

By Kelly Bogard

Thanks to the crazy Texas weather over the past month, we’ve had quite a bit of rain. And the vegetation is really taking off in the central part of the state. Everything seems to be blooming all at once, making for some great colors and options at the grocery store.

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