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Grocery Price Watch: Food prices drop slightly

Mar 31, 15 Grocery Price Watch: Food prices drop slightly

By Julie Tomascik

Up, up and up. We’ve seen food prices rise over the last couple of years. But not for the beginning of 2015.

Texas Farm Bureau’s Grocery Price Watch survey found food prices for the first quarter of 2015 register a slight decline of nearly three percent, ringing in at $49.04 for a basket of 16 staple grocery items.

It’s not much, but it’s still a decrease.

That’s because Texas and the nation had one of the largest, most successful feed grain crops—the ingredients for livestock feed—on record last year. The high-yielding harvest makes livestock feed cheaper, which leads to less expensive food items on grocery store shelves.

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Pink Fluff

Mar 27, 15 Pink Fluff

By Kelly Bogard

It’s funny how something as simple as food can bring back so many memories. Turkey makes most people think of Thanksgiving. Peach Cobbler means summer is here. Others, like this week’s recipe, may not have as wide of a following. But it definitely brings back memories of Easter and my grandparents.

You’re probably thinking deviled eggs, crawfish boil or pea salad.  Sorry, you aren’t even close. I can remember my Grandma making this dish and the delight my sister and I had when we saw the bright colored bowl of happiness on the table.

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March Madness: Is our farming bracket busted?

Mar 24, 15 March Madness: Is our farming bracket busted?

By Jessica Domel

March Madness. It’s not just basketball this year.

For agriculture in South and Central Texas, March Madness comes down to wet fields and delayed planting. I know my family’s farming bracket has already been broken.

We planned for a certain amount of corn this spring and penciled it into our March Madness “brackets.”

But Mother Nature stepped in with a full court press and rain wiped out our plans in the first round.

South and Central Texas are sloppy wet. Farmers in South Texas have been unable to get their cotton in. And our Central Texas farmers are waiting for fields to dry to plant corn.

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Skillet Chicken Quesadillas

Mar 20, 15 Skillet Chicken Quesadillas

By Kelly Bogard

Being a food blogger is a pretty cool gig. I get to work and do something I love—cooking! Fun, tasty recipes dominate my kitchen.

But I’m frequently asked questions. “How do you make it? “How does it taste?”

Do you really think I’d share a recipe that doesn’t taste good? Of course not!

Some of the recipes I share are super simple with just a few steps. Others, like this week’s, are a bit more complicated. But “simple” is a relative term. Ask me to ice a cake, and it won’t be pretty. Ask me to make supper, and I can make it happen.

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4 green Texas foods for St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, 15 4 green Texas foods for St. Patrick’s Day

By Julie Tomascik

Texans celebrate in big ways, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.

Green food. Green drinks. Green clothes. Even the fields are turning green.

But the celebrations wouldn’t be right without a Texas twist. Like eating these four green foods grown in the Lone Star State by hardworking Texas farmers.

Green tomatoes. You can grow them in your backyard or almost anywhere in the state. Breaded and fried, these make a tasty treat to satisfy even the hungriest Texan.

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