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Celebrating a happy, healthy Fourth of July

Jun 28, 16 Celebrating a happy, healthy Fourth of July

The temperature is rising. The days are getting longer. The Fourth of July is right around the corner.

This time of year, there are plenty of ways to celebrate not only our country’s independence, but also our great state.

You can visit one of our many state parks, a local lake or, my personal favorite, cook out with family and friends.

Hard-working Texans ensure we can choose from the freshest beef, poultry, pork and seafood to pair with our favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts.

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Stuffed Bell Peppers

Jun 24, 16 Stuffed Bell Peppers

By Kelly Bogard

Roadside stands and farmers markets are the place to be this time of year. The sights, sounds and people make for a fun trip. And the tasty fruits, vegetables and goodies are the perfect take-aways!

There’s a lot to love about Texas. And our abundance of farmers markets is one of them!

It’s fresh from the farm fruits and veggies. Perfect for this week’s recipe! So visit a farmers market, buy some fruits and veggies and get to know the farmers who grow them.

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Explore the back roads of Texas

Jun 21, 16 Explore the back roads of Texas

By Julie Tomascik

Drive to the outskirts of town. Leave the blacktop behind and take a winding road. That rural route through the countryside has a story to tell.

One of love. Hard work and dedication. Long hours. Family and faith.

With twists and turns, a few bumps and a detour or two, you’re sure to discover the passion of farmers and ranchers.

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Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Jun 17, 16 Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

By Kelly Bogard

They are leaders, protectors and our biggest fans. They encourage, teach, support and push us to be better. Do better. They are dads.

A strong voice and a helping hand—that’s my dad and so many other dads out there.

And their day of celebration is just around the corner. So show dad just how much you care with this tasty breakfast. Made from scratch with lots of love. And he can take it with him on the go!

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Five reasons every kid should have a garden

Jun 14, 16 Five reasons every kid should have a garden

By Jessica Domel

When I was little, I thought everyone had a garden. Where else would squash, potatoes and tomatoes come from? I realized some produce came from the grocery store, of course, but I just assumed everyone could go outside, pick a tomato and eat it right there.

It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I realized that experience was quite a luxury for me. I learned so much in my grandparents’ garden and my own. I planted flowers, vegetables, fruits (or tried to) and anything I thought could grow.

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