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Strawberry Mini Pies

Jul 22, 16 Strawberry Mini Pies

By Kelly Bogard

Fresh strawberries are one of my all-time favorite summer treats. I love them right from the vine when I can find them. But alas, the growing season for strawberries is quickly slipping away with the warmer temperatures. So I plan to savor every. Last. One.

Do you know how to tell if a strawberry is ripe? Just lift up a leaf on the top of the berry and take a look. If it’s red, it’s ripe and as sweet as can be. If it’s white, then it needs another day or two in the sun.

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Summertime learning on the farm

Jul 19, 16 Summertime learning on the farm

By Julie Tomascik

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. That’s how the old saying goes, right?

That may be so, but it’s far from the truth in agriculture. Early mornings. Late nights. And long, hot hours in between. Summer is a busy season for farmers and ranchers.

From sun up to sun down, they work through the heat. Harvesting crops, making hay while the sun shines, fixing fence and a whole lot more. And their kids—of all ages—are there for it all.

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Fish Tacos

Jul 15, 16 Fish Tacos

By Kelly Bogard

Fishing is a pretty big deal around these parts. And by parts, I pretty much mean the whole state of Texas. From fresh water rivers, lakes and coastal inlets, there’s a ton of fishing that can happen in the warm summer months.

It was during these hot months that I learned how to fish with my dad and granddaddy. It’s how my family still likes to spend time together. And it’s how many of you make memories, too.

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Who’s wrong? Who’s right?

Jul 12, 16 Who’s wrong? Who’s right?

By Jessica Domel

Every day we face small battles. The battle to be on time. The battle to do your best. The battle to make ourselves happy.

But lately, many of us have found ourselves battling something else entirely–one another.

On Facebook and Twitter, I find long-time friends and even family members arguing about things like politics, race and religion.

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Peach-Berry Smoothies

Jul 08, 16 Peach-Berry Smoothies

By Kelly Bogard

Say goodbye to the mild summer days of June. July is here, and things are definitely heating up. Seems like I’m always working on a new way to beat the heat in the kitchen lately.

And this week is no exception. This super quick recipe with fresh fruits is a great way to cool off. Staying hydrated is so important during these hot days. So why not make it flavorful, too?

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