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Transformation Tuesday: Steer to steaks

Jul 22, 14 Transformation Tuesday: Steer to steaks

By Julie Vrazel

Raising cattle is the largest part of Texas agriculture.

It takes time, dedication, sweat and prayers to raise beef from our gate to your plate. And Texas ranchers take pride in raising healthy, safe beef for consumers like you.

But what exactly do those steers and heifers bring to your table?

Tasty, flavorful beef in all forms.

One 1,300-lb. steer can provide meat for more than 1,700 meals. That’s a lot of beef!

Enjoyed a hamburger lately?

cooking burgers

Well, 1,048 quarter-pound patties are made from that one steer. Imagine how many cookouts and celebrations you could host with that many burgers!

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Watermelon Granitas

Jul 18, 14 Watermelon Granitas

By Kelly Bogard

Have you traveled around Texas lately on the back roads and through small towns? If you have, you probably noticed all of the roadside stands selling sweet melons and savory vegetables.

I always like to stop and talk to the people running them. They’re usually the ones that plant the seeds, care for the plants, tend to and pick the amazing fruits and veggies when ready. This is fascinating for a girl who grew up in the city. And it’s something I want my little girl to know. This week’s recipe shares just one of the sweet melons you can get right now.

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Fresh fruits, veggies decorate Texas farmers’ markets

Jul 15, 14 Fresh fruits, veggies decorate Texas farmers’ markets

By Jessica Domel

There’s a lot to love about Texas. One of my favorite things about the Lone Star State is the abundance of farmers’ markets that have popped up along our scenic countrysides.

Last week, I found myself in one particular farmers’ market in Northeast Texas just outside of Pittsburg. As I walked through the store, I found a collection of fresh fruits, vegetables, preserves and products made and grown with pride. I must have spent several hours wandering through the stand capturing photos and talking to other customers.

Peach display at Efurd Orchards

Peach display at Efurd Orchards

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Zucchini Crisps

Jul 11, 14 Zucchini Crisps

Working at Texas Farm Bureau, I have the great pleasure of getting plenty of fruits and vegetables to work with for the Texas Table Top blog. This summer is no exception. So far, I’ve been the recipient of cucumbers, peaches, onions and sweet corn.

But one thing I haven’t seen this summer is zucchini. It probably has to do with the fact that there are so many ways to make it, nobody has any left over to share with me. This reminds me…I really need to have a garden next year.

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Top 5 online farming fallacies

Jul 08, 14 Top 5 online farming fallacies

By Julie Vrazel

Tired of invitations to play online farming games?

We’ve all been there—watched the commercials on TV, rejected the Facebook game requests and, just maybe, played it once.

I’ll admit it. I started my own online farm. And I wish reality was as simple as the games.

While they give a glimpse of agriculture to consumers, the games often give the impression farming is as easy as clicking the mouse. But don’t let them give you a false sense of reality. Farming and ranching is a tough business.

No gaming console can truly replace the great outdoors.

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Celebrating our freedom shouldn’t include food poisoning

Jul 01, 14 Celebrating our freedom shouldn’t include food poisoning

Friends, we’re just a few days away from a long Fourth of July weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping that one of my friends is ready to fire up the grill so we can celebrate our nation’s independence. After all, nothing says “long weekend” quite like a gathering of friends, good food and fun.

I’ve been to a lot of great Fourth of July celebrations across our state. I have a few favorites, but I can tell you the most memorable was in 2006. It involved undercooked chicken. It was a little pink. I turned a little green.

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