By Emmy Powell

From the field to your fridge, Texas strawberries have a story worth savoring.

They’re grown by farmers, like the Reyes cousins and Demases family, who care for the land and natural resources.

And often, they invite people like you and me to their farm to pick our own sweet berries. We can see just how much they care for their crops, land and customers when we visit.

Texas strawberries are in season right now and the 2024 crop is looking delightful, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension report.

There are several varieties of strawberries including: Albion, Benicia, Camino Real, Camarosa, Chandler, Douglas, Festival, Oso Grande, Radiance, San Andreas, Albion, Seascape and Sequoia. Each have a unique flavor profile and characteristics.

Each strawberry variety is described as short day, long day or day neutral. Most successful commercial strawberry varieties in Texas are short day varieties.

Texas strawberries are perfect on their own, with a dollop of whip cream, or they can be the perfect addition to a salad or dessert.

Enjoy some sweet Texas strawberry facts:

  • Poteet is also known as the Strawberry Capital of Texas and is home to over 40 growers.
  • Poteet has the state’s largest concentration of growers, but other growers can be found in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Lubbock, Tyler and Fredericksburg areas.
  • 94% of U.S. households eat strawberries.
  • Each strawberry has over 200 seeds on its surface.
  • Texas strawberries are packed with nutrients, including vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to any diet!

Another fun way to learn about strawberries with your families is by reading I LOVE StrawberriesIt is an accurate agricultural book from Feeding Minds Press, the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s publishing venture. The book offers a child’s perspective on growing strawberries.

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