By Shelby Shank

When you think of cantaloupe, you think of Pecos. When you think of peaches, you think of Fredericksburg. But if somebody says strawberries, Poteet is the place that comes to mind.

Those strawberries are the heart of 4G Reyes Farms where cousins David Reyes and Joel Garcia carry on their family’s tradition of growing tasty red berries in Poteet.

For generations, the Reyes family has been involved in agricultural production, but their family began growing strawberries for the Poteet Strawberry Festival Association in the late ’70s and ’80s.

It takes a lot of work to get those juicy red berries.

Nearly every step in the strawberry-growing is done by hand.

The process begins in late August to early September when the soil is prepared, and the plastic mulch is laid down. Then, the strawberry plants are planted one by one in rows.

Harvest starts as early as Valentine’s Day and carries out through the end of May.

At 4G Reyes Farms, they hand pick 500 to 600 pounds of strawberries each day.

The Reyes family is well known in Poteet and have a large following of local consumers who come back year after year for their strawberries.

They’re also sold wholesale to distributors in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

The red berries have a longtime tradition and history behind them, and it’s something David and Joel plan to continue.

Here’s a look at what it’s like on the 4G Reyes Farm.

Thanks David and Joel for showing us around your farm and teaching us about strawberries.