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Cindy Wennin is the Senior Graphic Designer for Texas Farm Bureau.

Tips to beat the Texas summer heat

By Nathan Smith Forget frying eggs on the sidewalk. This week, I saw a pan of cookies baking on the dash of my friend’s car. Summer temperatures in this state can wilt even the toughest Texan. Last year, just the thought of going outside any time after noon broke a sweat on my forehead. The [...]

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Texas goat suds going gangbusters

By Nathan Smith If you’ve ever spent any time around a goat, you know they aren’t famous for their sweet aroma. In fact, you may find it hard to believe anything from a goat could smell good.   I was skeptical myself. Then I met Carli Dunham and her family in Crowell. Carli is doing something [...]

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If you grow it, they will come

By Nathan Smith Last week, I posted a question about farmers’ markets on my Facebook wall. Within an hour, I had a lively discussion going among my friends about why they like fresh fruits and vegetables. But you don’t have to send out a survey to know that Texans love fresh produce. We also love [...]

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This summer calls for more meat

By Nathan Smith Can you smell that? It's the unmistakable aroma of the 2012 grilling season. With another Memorial Day in the books, the summer is off to a running start with the return of hot temperatures and cookouts. Grills across the country are being cleaned, charcoal and wood stocked and refrigerators filled in preparation for the [...]

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Ode to the pits

By Nathan Smith Last Saturday, I found myself in Llano, Texas. When driving through Llano, it’s almost a sin for a devout Texas barbecue disciple to drive past Cooper's Old Time Pit barbecue without paying homage to the great, above-ground smoking pits. I stopped and was not disappointed. While enjoying the delicious brisket, red beans and [...]

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