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Cindy Wennin is the Senior Graphic Designer for Texas Farm Bureau.

Shiner Slow-Cooked Short Ribs

By Nathan Smith Texas ranchers raise the most beef in the country–a good thing because this week, it's what's for dinner. Beef short ribs can be tricky, but with the right ingredients cooked at the right temperature, they are hard to beat. I combined short ribs and Shiner Black to make what turned out to [...]

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Meet a Cotton Farmer: Brandon Patschke

By Nathan Smith Most years on the Southern High Plains of Texas, farmers like Brandon Patschke and his family are busy growing the fabric of our lives—cotton. Brandon is a Texas Farm Bureau member and grows cotton on his family farm near Lubbock. Farmers like Brandon come from generations of families with decades of practice weathering [...]

The future of food from a visionary

By Nathan Smith Bill Gates is a multi-billionaire, tech guru, philanthropist and an inspiration for computer nerds everywhere. Did you know he’s also a foodie? I say “foodie” in the sense that he is concerned about the future of our food. These days, who isn’t? Based on his recently published annual letter, Gates is putting his [...]

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The meal you can’t afford to miss

By Nathan Smith Over the holidays, I spent some quality time going over old family photos and talking with my 80-year-old grandpa about the “good ol’ days.” As a kid, I remember spending summers and Labor Day weekends at my grandparents’ cabin at Lake Brownwood. My cousins, extended family and I would gather several times each [...]

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Animal welfare: Cows need doctors, too

By Nathan Smith Can you imagine living without the modern marvel of today’s medicine? From treatment methods to new pharmaceuticals and growing technology, we are living longer and healthier lives. Doesn’t it make sense then, to apply the same thinking to our animals? While I was at my parents’ house for the holidays, a new calf was [...]

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