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Cindy Wennin is the Senior Graphic Designer for Texas Farm Bureau.

Texas Stuffed Shrimp

By Cindy Wennin Vacations and longer days. It's summer. A time for beaches, sunshine and seafood. And the Lone Star State has plenty of all three. But seafood is sometimes overlooked in Texas agriculture. It's a smaller business, but it packs a punch in the flavor department. And did you know Texas is home to its [...]

Merry Christmas

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School lunches get a new look

By Nathan Smith It's that time of year again. Backpacks are packed with fresh supplies, new shoes are being tied, and school bells are beckoning kids across Texas and the nation. If your child chooses to buy the school lunch instead of packing their own, the lunch line will look a little different this year.  Earlier this [...]

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Cook mine, please!

By Gene Hall I think I’ve uncovered a disturbing trend. I go to a lot of luncheons and dinners. Sometimes there is a fine cut of steak at these events—my favorite. However, I’m starting to wonder, does anyone actually cook a steak at these events anymore? When it comes to steak, I am a “medium” [...]

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A new food perspective

By Nathan Smith Imagine walking five to 10 miles each day for drinking water. Imagine not knowing where tomorrow’s food is coming from. Imagine living in a home with a thatch roof and dirt floor–a single pan for cooking all meals. We’ve all seen the pictures and videos from third-world countries. We’ve heard the stories [...]

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