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Healthier choices for back to school

By Jessica Domel I’ve always loved this time of year. There’s just something about heading back to school with brand new markers, pens, notebooks and a shiny new lunch box filled with tasty treats. When I was a kid, lunch consisted of some type of sandwich, a bag of chips, a soda and something sweet [...]

August 13, 2013|Categories: Healthy Eating, Healthy Kids|Tags: , , |2 Comments

School lunches get a new look

By Nathan Smith It's that time of year again. Backpacks are packed with fresh supplies, new shoes are being tied, and school bells are beckoning kids across Texas and the nation. If your child chooses to buy the school lunch instead of packing their own, the lunch line will look a little different this year.  Earlier this [...]

August 21, 2012|Categories: Healthy Eating, Healthy Kids|Tags: , , , , |3 Comments

Soda ban causes big gulp

By Amanda Hill The other morning, I saw a Today Show interview with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he explained his "soda ban" policy.  In the spirit of reducing obesity rates for NYC adults (now at more than 50 percent), the mayor is proposing a ban on all "full sugar" drinks larger than [...]

The Weight of America: A heavy issue for us all

By Amanda Hill As I was driving last night, I heard a radio interview about a HBO documentary series called "The Weight of the Nation." It's a four-part series, based on a report by the Institute of Medicine, aimed at tackling America's obesity epidemic. Obesity and weight gain have become heavy issues. According to the documentary, two-thirds of [...]

Healthy kids growing healthy food

By Nathan Smith Our kids are fat–and getting fatter.   The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that approximately 17 percent, or 12.5 million, U.S. children aged two to 19 years old are obese.  Since 1980, childhood obesity has almost tripled. Why? Doctors, experts, university research and government agencies point to sugary drinks and less healthy [...]

October 25, 2011|Categories: Healthy Eating, Healthy Kids|Tags: , , |0 Comments