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Associate Editor of Publications Texas Farm Bureau Amanda Hill aspires to be as good a cook as her momma and grandmothers, but she still has a long way to go. All attempts—good and bad—are tested by her patient and kind husband, who rarely gives a negative review. Contact Amanda at ahill@txfb.org or follow Amanda on Twitter.

Ups and downs of local food

By Amanda Hill Since starting Texas Table Top more than two years ago, we've seen the local food movement grow in popularity. Texans want to buy fruits, vegetables, meats and other staples from other Texans—whether at a farmer's market or at their neighborhood grocery store. I actually think that's why Texas Table Top is read [...]

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Meet a Texas sunflower farmer: Rodney Schronk

By Amanda Hill You may have seen this sunny crop driving along Texas highways and back roads this summer. Sunflowers are bright and cheery during some of the hottest months in Texas. It is a hardy crop that survives nearly all weather conditions. Plus, sunflowers are used so many different ways—from a salty snack to [...]

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Don’t worry, Chipotle, conventional beef is okay

By Amanda Hill I read last week that Chipotle is considering changing its stance on serving beef treated with antibiotics in its restaurants. Part of the company’s marketing plan has been to sell “naturally raised meat” that’s been raised “the right way,” so its statement really turned some heads. Hey, Chipotle, I think treating animals when they [...]

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Top 10 reasons I admire Texas farmers

By Amanda Hill I often say this, but never enough—I work for and with the most dedicated, hard-working farmers and ranchers across the Lone Star State. As a staff member of the Texas Farm Bureau, I have the opportunity to meet the men and women who grow the food that I eat and serve my [...]

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Meet a Texas wheat farmer: John Perryman

By Amanda Hill Wheat farming isn't for the faint of heart, y'all. It takes perseverance, patience and a lot of prayer to get from a planted field to a harvested yield. Just ask John Perryman. John grows wheat, cotton and corn on his family farm in Moody—located in Central Texas between Waco and Temple. Last [...]

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