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Mini Funnel Cakes

By Kelly Bogard Guess what? The State Fair of Texas opens today! There are so many memorable things about the state fair running through my head–the midway full of rides and games, Big Tex, the Food and Fiber Pavilion, and what I like to call "food row," or what others may call the fried food capital of [...]

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Don’t worry, Chipotle, conventional beef is okay

By Amanda Hill I read last week that Chipotle is considering changing its stance on serving beef treated with antibiotics in its restaurants. Part of the company’s marketing plan has been to sell “naturally raised meat” that’s been raised “the right way,” so its statement really turned some heads. Hey, Chipotle, I think treating animals when they [...]

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‘Right-sized’ food labels

By Amanda Hill My husband and I just took a road trip to visit family in Arkansas. On the way, we swung through the drive-through of one of our favorite fast food restaurants. All I wanted was a quarter-pound cheeseburger, a few fries and a small lemonade. We pulled up to the box, and my husband [...]

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Talk of the table

By Jessica Domel Today, after eight hours on the road, staring at the beautiful countryside of Texas through my windshield, I came to the conclusion that Texas may be the Lone Star State, but there's nothing "lone" about anything we do. I drove from Waco, through Austin, Seguin, San Antonio, George West and all the [...]

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Do you want fries with that?

By Amanda Hill If calories and nutritional information were listed on your favorite restaurant menu, would it change your order? Last week, McDonald’s announced it will list the calories of all of its food offerings both on its in-store and drive-through menus. McDonald’s will roll out the new menus nationwide by the end of next [...]