By Amanda Hill

If calories and nutritional information were listed on your favorite restaurant menu, would it change your order? Last week, McDonald’s announced it will list the calories of all of its food offerings both on its in-store and drive-through menus.

McDonald’s will roll out the new menus nationwide by the end of next year, ahead of a national mandate that would require all restaurants with 20 or more locations to do the same. The idea behind the regulations is that if you inform consumers with caloric information before they make their food choices, then they will be more likely to choose a lower-calorie meal.

I agree that consumers should be armed with information. I also like that consumers are still given a choice—unlike the recent “Big Gulp ban” in New York City.

The real question is, will it make a difference? If you knew that a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is 520 calories and a McChicken is 360 calories, would you choose the McChicken?

Some cities and states already have instated these rules. According to studies conducted in these areas, customers eat about 30 calories less when they know how many calories they are ordering. Over time, these savings can add up to real weight loss.

What do you think? Will these new menus help you make healthier choices, or will you order the food you’re craving? Weigh in by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.