By Amanda Hill

I often say this, but never enough—I work for and with the most dedicated, hard-working farmers and ranchers across the Lone Star State.

As a staff member of the Texas Farm Bureau, I have the opportunity to meet the men and women who grow the food that I eat and serve my family. Along the way, I’ve come to respect many things about these farmers and ranchers, and I thought I’d share just a few of them with you, our Texas Table Top readers.

So, today I give you the top 10 reasons why I admire our Texas farmers and ranchers:

10. They’re up before dawn to tend to their chores. I have a newborn, and I’m not even up that early.

9. Working in the scorching, 100-plus-degree heat is required. They have to make sure that their animals have enough water and their crops are harvested—no matter what the heat index measures that day.

8. “Weekend” and “vacation” are foreign words to farmers and ranchers. There are no breaks from feeding and caring for their animals.

7. They get their kids involved on the farm at an early age with the hope of passing on the time-honored legacy of Texas agriculture.

6. Farmers and ranchers are constantly looking for ways to improve and do their jobs better. They say it’s not only good for business, but it’s good for their land and animals, too.

5. Most days they come home covered in dirt, dust and other less-desirable “stuff.” It’s a dirty job, no question about it.

4. Farmers and ranchers teach their kids values like hard work, loyalty and respect. These are the future leaders that I want growing our food, making our laws and running our businesses.

3. Often times, they are the first to lend a helping hand, whether to their neighbor, local teacher or church committee.

2. Their livelihood hinges on fickle things like weather and markets. Getting a paycheck every two weeks sure is less scary.


And the number one reason why I respect Texas farmers and ranchers…

1. They grow nutritious, delicious food so that our families can eat well—and they don’t even know us by name.


What do you think? Do you have anything else you would add to my list? Tell us why you admire Texas farmers and ranchers by leaving a comment below!