By Amanda Hill

You may have seen this sunny crop driving along Texas highways and back roads this summer. Sunflowers are bright and cheery during some of the hottest months in Texas. It is a hardy crop that survives nearly all weather conditions. Plus, sunflowers are used so many different ways—from a salty snack to a healthy oil for cooking and a beautiful arrangement for your kitchen table.

Did you know that the sunflower head is really made up of 1,000-2,000 smaller flowers? Each small flower will eventually produce a sunflower seed. The sunflower also is one of the fastest growing plants. They can grow to 8-12 feet tall in six months. What an amazing plant!

Rodney Schronk grows sunflowers—as well as cotton and grain—in Central Texas. Rodney planted his sunflower crop in late February and just finished up his harvest a few weeks ago. Check out how and why he grows these special flowers:


Thanks, Rodney, for showing us your sunflowers. What a sunny, cheerful and useful crop!

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