By Julie Tomascik


While agriculture has long been considered a man’s arena, women have played an active role on farms and ranches for centuries.

And today, there are even more women involved in agriculture.

The latest U.S. Census of Agriculture, conducted in 2022 released in 2023, shows over 36% of American farmers and ranchers are women. And in Texas, there are 157,291 female farmers and ranchers.

That’s more than any other state in the nation—a statistic to be darn proud of if you ask me.

Farmer. Rancher. Or both. It’s another title and job that women don’t take lightly.

They tend the soil, grow crops and raise livestock. They raise their children on the farm, and they work with Mother Nature as a business partner. They make management decisions, planning for the current year and further into the future.

But they also play an integral part in agricultural leadership and communities. They reach out to fellow farmers, moms and elected officials, working to build a bright future for Texas and America.

Women have always played a vital role on the farm and ranch and in agricultural businesses, too.

And they wear a lot of hats.  

Take for example Savannah Hutka of Falls County. She’s a mom, wife and farmer, as well as an independent crop consultant.

Jackie Seawright of Waller County is a mom, wife and first-generation hog farmer. She’s also a quality assurance and food safety manager at Colorado County Rice Mill, Inc.

And Kaylin Isbell is a mom, wife and rancher in Williamson County. She’s also a real-estate agent.

They’re active in Texas Farm Bureau and other organizations. They’re leaders in their communities and active in their churches, and they help their family and friends when needed.

Savannah, Jackie and Kaylin are just a few examples of the many women involved in Texas agriculture.

Strong, capable and determined.

That’s women in agriculture. The beating heart of Texas farms and ranchers. And women will continue to play a critical role in our country’s agricultural future.

*This blog was updated on March 6, 2024 to reflect the latest census data.