By Amanda Hill

Wheat farming isn’t for the faint of heart, y’all. It takes perseverance, patience and a lot of prayer to get from a planted field to a harvested yield.

Just ask John Perryman. John grows wheat, cotton and corn on his family farm in Moody—located in Central Texas between Waco and Temple. Last December, he didn’t have much hope that his wheat crop would make. Fortunately, with a little rain and a lot of luck, he harvested a pretty good crop in late spring.

Thank goodness for Texas wheat farmers like John. Because of them, our grocery store shelves are stocked with cereals, bread, pasta and other tasty goods. Here’s a look at what it’s like in John’s wheat fields:


We are proud of Texas farmers like John, who weather drought, hail, frost and more to make sure we have food on our tables. Click here to meet other Texas farmers through our Meet a Farmer video series.