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Grain-fed or grass-fed?

By Julie Tomascik We have a menu of options when it comes to food. And beef is no exception. Choices are evident when we browse the meat counter at the grocery store. Different cuts, various amounts of marbling and package sizes—just to name a few. But there are also two big categories: grain-fed and grass-fed. [...]

Mike’s Baby Back Pork Ribs

By Mike Barnett Talk barbecue in Texas and images of the best brisket in the world dance in my head. I’ve never cooked a decent brisket, but I do know it’s a lengthy process and an art. So I go to one of the famous Central Texas pits to cure my BBQ cravings. Unless I have [...]

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Which meat will meet your summer grilling needs?

By Jessica Domel Although summer doesn't officially begin until next month, for millions of Americans the summer season unofficially began over the Memorial Day weekend with the firing up of the grill. While I personally don’t grill, I love the taste of a good steak or a barbecued chicken breast fresh off a charcoal grill. The smell [...]

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‘No Labor’ Lemon Chicken Kabobs

By Kelly Bogard With Labor Day this weekend, grills are firing up across Texas. Some of you may be planning burgers or steaks, but if you're looking for something lighter, do I have a recipe for you! Lemon Chicken Kabobs is a family recipe from our very own Amanda Hill. They've been grilling these up for [...]

Tips to beat the Texas summer heat

By Nathan Smith Forget frying eggs on the sidewalk. This week, I saw a pan of cookies baking on the dash of my friend’s car. Summer temperatures in this state can wilt even the toughest Texan. Last year, just the thought of going outside any time after noon broke a sweat on my forehead. The [...]

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