By Julie Tomascik

We have a menu of options when it comes to food. And beef is no exception.

Choices are evident when we browse the meat counter at the grocery store. Different cuts, various amounts of marbling and package sizes—just to name a few.

But there are also two big categories: grain-fed and grass-fed.

The difference?


It’s that simple. Those buying decisions demand farmers and ranchers bring a diverse supply to grocery stores.

And we’re happy to do so.

My husband and I raise cattle that enter both grain-fed and grass-fed markets.

But I choose grain-fed beef when I’m at the meat counter. I like the taste, and the price better fits my budget. And, according to a Texas A&M University study, there are no significant health benefits that make one superior to the other.

On the price side, grass-fed beef is usually a little more expensive. That’s because grass-fed cattle don’t grow as efficiently as conventionally raised, grain-fed cattle.

There are, however, slight nutritional differences. But nothing to hang your hat on.

It’s just important to keep protein in your meals, and both are an excellent source for that and other key nutrients. Not to mention it’s a tasty way to enjoy the good times and satisfy hunger cravings, too!