By Nathan Smith

If you’ve ever spent any time around a goat, you know they aren’t famous for their sweet aroma.

In fact, you may find it hard to believe anything from a goat could smell good.  

I was skeptical myself.

Then I met Carli Dunham and her family in Crowell. Carli is doing something a little different. Some might even call her crazy. She would have called herself crazy five years ago.

She raises dairy goats and nourishes her family with the fresh milk and cheese. Most would stop right there but the goats’ milk is also Carli’s secret ingredient in her homemade soap and home business.

She has spent the last three years making the soap that evolved from a recipe she found online to more than a dozen varieties and fragrances of her own.

It’s unique because it’s truly a family affair.

Her husband, Dustin, and kids Beau, 7, and Tobie, 3, all lend a hand and work together feeding, cleaning and milking the small herd of goats. There’s nothing elaborate or complex about their operation. They built it themselves and take pride in their backyard project. That’s how it began.

Now it pays bills and helps buy groceries. It’s going so well that she has a hard time keeping up with online orders. She ships her suds across the nation and is growing a loyal following in California. It also allows Carli to spend more time with her kids and add work ethic to their education on a daily basis.

Texans with a passion for life and family, like Carli, have stories to tell–and she does.  

“I love talking to the kids,” she told me about the schools she and her goats visit. “They always ask a million questions and it’s great to connect and share this story. We all need to know where [food and fiber] comes from and there’s nothing wrong with doing something for yourself.”

Crowell is a tiny town 80 miles west of Wichita Falls and there aren’t many folks who don’t know about or use Carli’s soap. Many refill their supply right at her front door.  

She gave me some samples to try myself. I gave some to friends and never thought I’d say it, but I’m hooked on goat soap.

If you have questions–which I’m sure you do–check out her website.