By Jennifer Dorsett

Summer. It’s a time for swimsuits, sunscreen and beach towels. But it’s also a time for fresh produce to fill up our baskets and stomachs.

Summertime favorites include fresh peaches with homemade ice cream and corn on the cob served with a delicious steak.

Many of us, including me, have fond memories of backyard vegetable gardens bursting with the fruits and veggies of our families’ labor. String beans, yellow squash, tomatoes, oh my! And you can’t forget the peppers, okra and green beans.

During the hottest part of the year, we feasted on as much fresh produce as we could. What we couldn’t eat, we canned or froze for the winter months.
But if you don’t have a backyard garden, you’re not out of luck! You can find plenty of fresh produce at a local farmers market.

They’re a great place to pick up your favorite in-season produce directly from the hands of those who grew it. And there are dozens to choose from across the state—in cities both large and small.

Ask the farmers questions! They love to share their passion for growing food.

In addition to produce that’s in season, meat, cheese, eggs, honey and floral bouquets, along with prepared foods like breads and jams, are available.

Many of the markets also have food trucks or coffee stalls, making it a great weekend or morning outing to grab some breakfast and do a little shopping.

Texans interested in finding a farmers market nearby can visit the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) for a listing of TDA-certified farmers markets, as well as a seasonal produce guide. So, grab a few shopping bags, throw on some comfortable shoes and a hat. And hit the farmers market this week!

But if you can’t make it, stop by your local grocery store. Grab your produce and make your protein selections knowing farm families across Texas and America stand behind the food on those shelves.