By Nathan Smith

It’s June in Texas, and that means barbecue.

Who am I kidding? Barbecue is a year-round staple in the Lone Star State, so imagine my excitement to learn of Texas Monthly’s latest iPhone application…the Texas BBQ Finder.

How many times have you taken a trip in search of good barbecue, only to resemble Wile E. Coyote chasing after the Road Runner?  Search in vain no more.

After years of traveling around the state, the folks at Texas Monthly know great barbecue. But the beauty of this app is it allows anyone to comment and rate the best (and worst) barbecue joints in Texas.

Want to debate with your friends over who should wear the sauce-covered crown? This app lets you argue with your mouth full. (Just remember that a great sauce makes great barbecue.)

According to the website, the “Find” feature detects your location using GPS and serves up basic information on the joints in your area.

 “Texas Monthly’s List” delivers reviews of the magazine’s Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas and the 20 Honorable Mentions, all of them sorted by rating.  All reviews and information are shareable through Facebook, Twitter and email.

The “Buzz” feature is your chance to peek inside the mesquite-smoked minds of BBQ junkies. You can see where everyone using the app is eating—and what they have to say about the brisket, ribs or sausage. This feature also enables discussion and debate between users.

 The Texas Monthly BBQ Finder is web-based, so now you can argue with other barbecue hounds about who has the best pork ribs in Dallas, then carry the same conversation out the door on your smartphone. Full functionality can be accessed through

For now, the Texas BBQ Finder app is only available for the iPhone at the iTunes Store, but rest assured Jake Silverstein and his crew at Texas Monthly are working on one for Android users, too. Download it and barbecue to your heart’s content!