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Feeding a growing family

By Lindsey Bowers Eat, eat and eat some more. With two growing boys, it’s all we can do to keep enough food in the house. After a day of playing outside, learning at school and helping with chores around the farm, the boys are hungry. And we’re happy to feed their growing appetites, especially knowing [...]

Loving your heart

By Jessica Domel February holds a special place in my heart. Not because of Valentine’s Day, but because of Heart Health Month. Heart disease runs in my family. And my father was just hospitalized for a heart-related issue. Sitting in the emergency room with him was a wake-up call for me, and for my family. [...]

Unplugging in a digital world

By Jessica Domel At home. In the office. On the road. Our phones go with us everywhere. But how much is too much? This past weekend, my dad and I were seated next to a young couple at a local restaurant. While my dad and I exchanged stories and discussed life in general, I noticed [...]

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‘Tis the season

By Julie Tomascik Nine days, 206 hours or 12,360 minutes. However you choose to look at it, Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re anything like me, you haven’t started—much less finished—your shopping. And if there’s a farmer or rancher on your list, you may have absolutely no idea what to buy. Trust me. [...]

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For those who aren’t here

By Jessica Domel This time of year is meant for reflection. We think about our blessings, our friends, families and loved ones. Our mouths water with thoughts of turkey, cornbread stuffing and who will devour the last piece of homemade pecan pie. This year, I'm also thinking about the millions of men and women who [...]

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