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A film for farmers and foodies

By Jessica Domel Knowing that I often blog about food and food-related issues here, a friend of mine asked me a few months ago to sit down with her and my dad and watch a documentary on the food industry and American farmers and ranchers. My dad got about halfway through the film before walking [...]

Key Lime White Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Kelly Bogard I love getting new ideas for the Texas Table Top blog. Sometimes they come from friends or family, sometimes they come from people who have been one of the lucky tasters from previous weeks, and this one came direct to you this week from one of the Texas Farm Bureau Public Relations [...]

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Grocery Price Watch: Food prices remain steady

By Julie Vrazel I don’t always enjoying making the weekly—sometimes more often—trip to the grocery store. A game plan is usually necessary. And once you’re at the store, you have to be aware of the other shoppers, hope the check-out line isn’t too long and pray the total bill is affordable. In a time when [...]

Texas agriculture isn’t black and white

By Julie Vrazel T-shirts aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should Texas agriculture be that way? The Lone Star State is uniquely different from the other 49 states in countless ways. Our state is growing exponentially as families relocate here, and oftentimes, we experience all four seasons in one day. Just as the people and weather are [...]

Busting beef nutrition myths

By Julie Vrazel Eating preferences—we all have them. Some choose to be vegetarians, while others pursue the vegan route. Then, there are folks—myself included—who are omnivores. Growing up on my family’s cow-calf operation in Central Texas, there was only one way to eat—a balanced meal that included meat and vegetables. But I was an open-minded [...]