By Lindsey Bowers

Eat, eat and eat some more.

With two growing boys, it’s all we can do to keep enough food in the house.

After a day of playing outside, learning at school and helping with chores around the farm, the boys are hungry.

And we’re happy to feed their growing appetites, especially knowing the food we grow is safe and affordable.

That’s because we’re farmers. We raise catfish and grow corn, sorghum and cotton.

But we grow more than we can eat in our little house—even with the appetites those boys, and their dad, have.

That means our food is going to your tables. To help feed your growing families.

As a mom, it makes me happy to know we’re raising safe food that’s affordable. It’s the two biggest worries a parent has—is it safe for my kids and can I afford it?

Yes and yes.

You see, we use technology to be more efficient. But we don’t sacrifice safety in the process.

We don’t take shortcuts. Because the safety of your family, and mine, is of the utmost importance.

Today is Texas Food Connection Day. It’s part of a year-round effort to bring people who grow our food together with those who eat it. We want to hear from you. My family and I, along with other farmers and ranchers, want to take the next step in the conversation about food.

Talk to us. Today, tomorrow or next month. We’ll be happy to talk food any time!

Because farming is a life we’ve chosen for our family. And it’s one we wouldn’t trade. It’s like being a mother. Tough at times, but always well-worth it.


The above post is from Lindsey Bowers, a farm mom from Inez, Texas.