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Grocery Price Watch: Food prices keep rising

By Julie Vrazel Budget, budget, budget. It’s an all-too familiar word in my house with a wedding less than two months away and winter feed bills for the cows just around the corner. But a large part of my usual monthly expenses isn’t directly related to our wedding or cattle. It’s my weekly trips to [...]

Grocery Price Watch: Food prices remain steady

By Julie Vrazel I don’t always enjoying making the weekly—sometimes more often—trip to the grocery store. A game plan is usually necessary. And once you’re at the store, you have to be aware of the other shoppers, hope the check-out line isn’t too long and pray the total bill is affordable. In a time when [...]

It’s almost here–my favorite time of year!

By Jessica Domel With Christmas trees popping up all over town, carols playing on the radio and holiday gift guides making their way to my mailbox, it would be almost easy to forget that one of my favorite holidays of the year is rapidly approaching. Poor Thanksgiving has been stepped on a bit this year, [...]

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Baked Frito Pie

By Kelly Bogard All in favor of cooler weather please raise your hands.  In my head, all of Texas is raising their hands right now.  Thank you for that because I totally agree.  This weekend is the official beginning of autumn and, in Central Texas, we have been told to expect our first cool front. [...]

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Ups and downs of local food

By Amanda Hill Since starting Texas Table Top more than two years ago, we've seen the local food movement grow in popularity. Texans want to buy fruits, vegetables, meats and other staples from other Texans—whether at a farmer's market or at their neighborhood grocery store. I actually think that's why Texas Table Top is read [...]

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