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Grocery Price Watch: Food prices keep rising

By Julie Vrazel Budget, budget, budget. It’s an all-too familiar word in my house with a wedding less than two months away and winter feed bills for the cows just around the corner. But a large part of my usual monthly expenses isn’t directly related to our wedding or cattle. It’s my weekly trips to [...]

Look deeper into the meat counter

By Julie Vrazel There’s no way to deny it—the cost of everything is rising, including beef. And significant price relief isn’t around the corner. While we’ve been enjoying years of steady retail beef prices, Texas ranchers have dealt with volatile markets. Today, those price swings are making their way into the grocery store. But do [...]

Is organic taking over my produce section?

By Jessica Domel I absolutely love cooking, but going to the grocery store stresses me out. I live in a community where the organic section of the grocery store is so large that it makes searching for traditionally-grown produce feel like an Easter egg hunt. It literally took me at least 10 minutes one day [...]

Truth in rising food prices

By Amanda Hill I keep a close eye on food prices—mostly for my own family's budget, but also for Texas Farm Bureau's Grocery Price Watch. I wonder, though, how many shoppers know why food prices increase. If you watch the news, you've probably heard stories about how the devastating U.S. drought—a drought that caused billions of [...]

Food Packaging: Less is more?

By Amanda Hill Grocery shopping for me is a precise event, one that includes a very specific list ordered by the routine route I take through the store each week. I rarely venture from my list and often throw the same products I buy week-in, week-out into the cart as a whiz through the aisles. [...]