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Is organic taking over my produce section?

By Jessica Domel I absolutely love cooking, but going to the grocery store stresses me out. I live in a community where the organic section of the grocery store is so large that it makes searching for traditionally-grown produce feel like an Easter egg hunt. It literally took me at least 10 minutes one day [...]

Grocery Price Watch: Texans paying more at the store

By Amanda Hill For months now, we at Texas Farm Bureau have been anticipating a rise in food prices as the epic drought of 2011—which lasted, in some areas, through 2012 and into 2013—caused crops to wither and cattle herds to shrink. Texans’ food costs actually declined for a few quarters, but it seems the [...]

Farm families buy groceries, too

By Monica Minzenmayer Like many of you, I wear a lot of hats. Of my many roles, I’m most proud of being a wife, a mom and a farmer. My husband and I raise our two kids on our farm in Rowena, located about 30 miles outside of San Angelo in West Texas. My days [...]

Never a bare grocery shelf

By Amanda Hill What would it be like to go to the grocery store and none of the shelves be stocked? No cereal. No milk. No fruits and veggies. To be honest, that thought doesn't usually cross my mind. And why should it? In America, we've never even come close to that problem—thanks to generations of [...]

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Grocery Price Watch: Steady food prices for Texans

By Amanda Hill Good news, Texans! On average, food prices are holding steady at the grocery store, according to Texas Farm Bureau's Grocery Price Watch survey. Based on the survey's third-quarter results, Texans paid $44.91—on average—for a basket of 16 staple food items. Check out the full Grocery Price Watch survey results below, or read [...]