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Grocery Price Watch: Food prices remain steady

By Julie Vrazel I don’t always enjoying making the weekly—sometimes more often—trip to the grocery store. A game plan is usually necessary. And once you’re at the store, you have to be aware of the other shoppers, hope the check-out line isn’t too long and pray the total bill is affordable. In a time when [...]

Safe. From our farm to your table.

By Shannon Sparks Being a mother isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it. You want the best for your children, but sometimes you question the decisions you make. Do we buy the expensive baby swing or do we opt for the more economical one? What are the right food choices for nutrition and safety? [...]

Celebrating foods and fibers and the men and women who grow them

By Gene Hall Organic. Conventional. Natural. Modern. Local. Grassfed. Grainfed. The choices are endless for consumers when it comes to food and the farmers and ranchers who grow it. Confusion often reigns as some with evangelical zeal turn up their noses at how you like to eat. Scare tactics are used by everyone from multi-billion-dollar [...]

It’s almost here–my favorite time of year!

By Jessica Domel With Christmas trees popping up all over town, carols playing on the radio and holiday gift guides making their way to my mailbox, it would be almost easy to forget that one of my favorite holidays of the year is rapidly approaching. Poor Thanksgiving has been stepped on a bit this year, [...]

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Grocery Price Watch: Texans paying more at the store

By Amanda Hill For months now, we at Texas Farm Bureau have been anticipating a rise in food prices as the epic drought of 2011—which lasted, in some areas, through 2012 and into 2013—caused crops to wither and cattle herds to shrink. Texans’ food costs actually declined for a few quarters, but it seems the [...]