By Shannon Sparks

Being a mother isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it.

You want the best for your children, but sometimes you question the decisions you make. Do we buy the expensive baby swing or do we opt for the more economical one? What are the right food choices for nutrition and safety? Am I teaching my children the proper skills at the proper time?

The one thing I’ve always known was right was the decision my husband and I made to raise our children on our farm.

We raise registered Brahman and commercial Brahman and Brangus cattle. Our daughters love them. We take them with us when we feed and check on the cattle. Our oldest daughter likes to sing “Old MacDonald” to them, and they’re gentle around her because we’ve raised them to be that way.

We also grow sugarcane, soybeans, corn and cotton.

Over the years, my husband has worked hard to ensure our family farm is efficient as possible. That allows us to grow more of the foods and fibers that American consumers love and have come to expect when they walk into a supermarket.

But he doesn’t seek efficiency at the cost of safety. We are raising our children on the farm. We eat the food we grow. We take no shortcuts when it comes to raising our crops or livestock. The safety of your family, as well as mine, is paramount.

Farming is a life we’ve chosen for our family and we’re proud to live it in this way. Like being a mother, it isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it.

The above post is from Shannon Sparks, a Texas farm mom from Harlingen, Texas. Shannon is one of four guest bloggers who are talking about food safety during Texas Food Connection Week, sponsored by Texas Farm Bureau, Feb. 16-22.