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Farm families buy groceries, too

By Monica Minzenmayer Like many of you, I wear a lot of hats. Of my many roles, I’m most proud of being a wife, a mom and a farmer. My husband and I raise our two kids on our farm in Rowena, located about 30 miles outside of San Angelo in West Texas. My days [...]

Grocery Price Watch: Steady food prices for Texans

By Amanda Hill Good news, Texans! On average, food prices are holding steady at the grocery store, according to Texas Farm Bureau's Grocery Price Watch survey. Based on the survey's third-quarter results, Texans paid $44.91—on average—for a basket of 16 staple food items. Check out the full Grocery Price Watch survey results below, or read [...]

Organic food or conventional? Stanford says it’s a draw

By Amanda Hill Is organic food healthier? That’s a question I hear a lot these days. Pop culture touts that organic food is healthier. With magazine articles cursing the “12 dirtiest foods” and talk shows highlighting food extremists, it’s easy to think that organic is the only healthy choice for you and your family. That’s [...]

Move over Baby Boomers, here come the YEMMies…

By Amanda Hill The Baby Boomers have been called America’s greatest generation. They’ve weathered decades of ups and downs and have lived to tell the tales. Marketers drool over the Baby Boomer demographic—revered for their purchasing power by sheer volume. But, the times, they are a changin’… Move over, Baby Boomers. Here come the YEMMies. [...]

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Truth in rising food prices

By Amanda Hill I keep a close eye on food prices—mostly for my own family's budget, but also for Texas Farm Bureau's Grocery Price Watch. I wonder, though, how many shoppers know why food prices increase. If you watch the news, you've probably heard stories about how the devastating U.S. drought—a drought that caused billions of [...]