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Four-Cheese Lasagna

By Kelly Bogard Preparing for a family gathering can be a tough challenge. You set the date and time. You invite the guests. But what about the food? It has to look good, taste good and fill everyone's stomachs! Sounds like a job for lasagna. That means a plate smothered with an abundance of noodles, [...]

Ham & Cheese Quiche

By Kelly Bogard This is the time of year when I really begin to realize how many hats I wear on a daily basis. I have many different Farm Bureau hats. Then there's my mom hat, wife hat and community volunteer hat.  It's crazy. The one hat that always brings me back to center is cooking. It's [...]

Baked Frito Pie

By Kelly Bogard All in favor of cooler weather please raise your hands.  In my head, all of Texas is raising their hands right now.  Thank you for that because I totally agree.  This weekend is the official beginning of autumn and, in Central Texas, we have been told to expect our first cool front. [...]

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Creamy Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas

By Kelly Bogard Sometimes traveling can be hard on a body and mind.  Sometimes it can just be hard on your stomach.  As a Texan, I am required to have so many Tex-Mex meals a week, and a few weeks ago I missed my scheduled doses.  Okay, so I am not required to eat Tex-Mex, [...]

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Poppy Seed Chicken

By Kelly Bogard Sometimes you try out a new dish, and it isn't exactly your best work. Maybe it didn't go over so well and saving it for leftovers isn't the best idea. Trust me, I've had plenty of meals like that. But Jessica's post earlier this week got me thinking. Just how many times [...]

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