By Kelly Bogard

Summer is here. Days of fun in the sun abound. But it’s Texas, and that means it’s hot. Really hot.

We’re all looking for ways to cool off. A swim in the pool or the pond, a trip to the lake or a sprinkler in the yard will do the trick.

But it’s important to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water this summer. And try out our top five treats to beat the summer heat.

1. Blackberry Sun Tea
This fruity, refreshing drink is great for summer afternoons. It’s brewed by the sun. So once it’s ready, just add ice.

2. Watermelon GranitasWatermelonGranitas
What could be better than fresh sliced watermelon on a hot day? Watermelon shaved ice. This stuff will cool you down to chill in no time.

3. Yogurt Berry ParfaitYogurtBerryParfait
Summer is full of amazing fruit harvests. This parfait is a good way to get all of those summer flavors in! Simply mix in your favorite fruit for the season and get ready to enjoy.

4. Just Peachy Pops
I am a sucker for fresh peaches. If I see a roadside stand, I just have to stop. This is one of my favorite ways to make sure I get to use all of my peaches before they’re too ripe.

5. Strawberry Banana SmoothiesStrawberryBananaSmoothies
Smoothies are great for breakfast and for snacks. Loaded with fresh fruits, this one will definitely get you going whatever time of day it is. Kids love them, too.

So, as the dog days of summer approach, find what will keep you cool. Find your favorite fruit and get a big ole’ bite. Be sure to check out the farmers markets and road side stands in your area for food and inspiration. Happy summer and from all of us at Texas Table Top, enjoy!