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Celebrating National Ag Day

By Shala Watson No matter where your day leads or how it ends, it all starts with a farmer. And today—on National Ag Day—we take a minute to think about how agriculture is a part of almost everything we eat, wear and use on a daily basis. This year’s theme is “Agriculture: Food for Life.” [...]

Transformation Tuesday: From field to fabric

By Jessica Domel Take a drive through the Plains of Texas this time of year and you're bound to find a field or two of white, fluffy cotton. I was fortunate the other day to visit a Texas family harvesting their cotton. There, they told me about the amazing transformation cotton goes through to get [...]

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5 ways agriculture plays in the Super Bowl

By Julie Tomascik Chicken wings. Peanuts. And you can't forget the pigskins, give or take a few pounds of air. Those can mean only one thing. Super Bowl weekend. The biggest game of the year is just a few days away. And while New England Patriots fans pray for good passes from Tom Brady and [...]

Celebrating 140 years of blue jeans

By Jessica Domel Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis forever changed American wardrobes  140 years ago this week when they used a small copper rivet and and some sturdy cotton twill to create blue jeans. Using blue demin material, the patented cotton rivet allowed Strauss and Davis to manufacture stout work pants that, 140 years later, have become an icon in American culture and [...]

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Milk Silk—It does a wardrobe good

By Amanda Hill Is that silk­—or milk—you’re wearing? I recently came across this blog post of a German inventor who is turning milk into luxury, silk-like fabric. Anke Domaske, a former biochemist turned fashion designer, is using milk to create beautiful, sustainable clothing from a fiber called “QMilch.” At first, I was skeptical. How in [...]

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