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Celebrating 140 years of blue jeans

By Jessica Domel Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis forever changed American wardrobes  140 years ago this week when they used a small copper rivet and and some sturdy cotton twill to create blue jeans. Using blue demin material, the patented cotton rivet allowed Strauss and Davis to manufacture stout work pants that, 140 years later, have become an icon in American culture and [...]

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Milk Silk—It does a wardrobe good

By Amanda Hill Is that silk­—or milk—you’re wearing? I recently came across this blog post of a German inventor who is turning milk into luxury, silk-like fabric. Anke Domaske, a former biochemist turned fashion designer, is using milk to create beautiful, sustainable clothing from a fiber called “QMilch.” At first, I was skeptical. How in [...]

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