By Amanda Hill

Is that silk­—or milk—you’re wearing? I recently came across this blog post of a German inventor who is turning milk into luxury, silk-like fabric. Anke Domaske, a former biochemist turned fashion designer, is using milk to create beautiful, sustainable clothing from a fiber called “QMilch.”

At first, I was skeptical. How in the world do you take a liquid, change its form and turn it into runway-ready looks?

Check out this video, where Anke explains the process:

The biggest catch is the price point. Anke says one kilo of QMilch will cost about $30. The same amount of cotton would cost about $3.80. For that price difference, I’ll stick with a cotton dress over a fancy milk frock. But, the idea that designers can create fashions from a product that might otherwise go to waste—that’s a beautiful thing!