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A film for farmers and foodies

By Jessica Domel Knowing that I often blog about food and food-related issues here, a friend of mine asked me a few months ago to sit down with her and my dad and watch a documentary on the food industry and American farmers and ranchers. My dad got about halfway through the film before walking [...]

Texas farmers, ranchers embrace technology

By Jessica Domel Technology is a part of who we are as Americans. We use it to connect with family, friends and people we haven’t seen in years. Many of us also use it professionally to promote ourselves, our businesses and our industries. But when it comes to agriculture, many believe that “technology” and “change” [...]

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A culture of food fear

By Jessica Domel Do you fear your food? Lately, it seems as though every time I log onto Facebook or Twitter, there’s a new post from one of my friends detailing some new food issue that he/she wants the world to know about. While I appreciate my friends' and acquaintances’ desire to keep us all [...]

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Chicken Fried Steak

By Kelly Bogard Ah, Texas. How I love thee, let me count the ways. 1) You have awesome spaces–big cities and tiny towns. 2) You have the friendliest people around. 3) You have year round beauty as the sun shines down. So it’s time to celebrate this awesome place we call home. Sunday, March 2, [...]

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Safe. From our farm to your table.

By Shannon Sparks Being a mother isn’t always easy. But it’s always worth it. You want the best for your children, but sometimes you question the decisions you make. Do we buy the expensive baby swing or do we opt for the more economical one? What are the right food choices for nutrition and safety? [...]