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Truth in rising food prices

By Amanda Hill I keep a close eye on food prices—mostly for my own family's budget, but also for Texas Farm Bureau's Grocery Price Watch. I wonder, though, how many shoppers know why food prices increase. If you watch the news, you've probably heard stories about how the devastating U.S. drought—a drought that caused billions of [...]

Meet a Cotton Farmer: Brandon Patschke

By Nathan Smith Most years on the Southern High Plains of Texas, farmers like Brandon Patschke and his family are busy growing the fabric of our lives—cotton. Brandon is a Texas Farm Bureau member and grows cotton on his family farm near Lubbock. Farmers like Brandon come from generations of families with decades of practice weathering [...]

The science of food

By Amanda Hill Science is an amazing thing. Think about some of the advancements we’ve made in the past 100 years: new medicines have advanced the average lifespan from 49.2 years at the turn of the century to 77.5 years in 2003; cars don’t just take us from point A to point B, but they [...]

Grocery Price Watch: Texas food prices hold steady

By Amanda Hill Food prices at Texas grocery stores appear to be holding steady, for now. Today, Texas Farm Bureau released its third quarter Grocery Price Watch survey, which monitors the cost of 16 staple food products across the Lone Star State. This latest survey shows Texans are paying slight more—72 cents—than they did in [...]

Naturally fed up

By Nathan Smith I’ve heard a lot about natural food lately. I’m all for it, because someone took the time and care to grow it—just like the farmer with 1,000 acres of wheat took the time and care to see a harvest through a drought. I also hear a lot of bashing from those who [...]

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