By Amanda Hill

Food prices at Texas grocery stores appear to be holding steady, for now. Today, Texas Farm Bureau released its third quarter Grocery Price Watch survey, which monitors the cost of 16 staple food products across the Lone Star State. This latest survey shows Texans are paying slight more—72 cents—than they did in June for the same basket of goods.

Of the 16 food products surveyed, nine items either dropped in price or stayed the same, while seven items cost more than they did in June. Here’s a look at the full survey results:


If your family enjoys grapefruits, it will be more affordable to wait until the fruit is in season. Right now, since it’s out of season, the price is up nearly 25 percent. Look for other fruits that are in season, like apples, to save some money in the meantime.

Protein-packed meats like lean ground beef and chicken breasts cost less this time around, which is great news for families on a budget. But these lower meat prices may be short-lived.

I talked with Texas Farm Bureau President Kenneth Dierschke, a San Angelo farmer, today, and he told me that the extreme drought conditions in Texas are affecting farmers’ and ranchers’ crops and livestock. Without enough water, ranchers have had to sell large portions of their herds, which likely will lead to a supply issue down the road. Fewer cattle means tighter beef supply, leading to higher beef prices.

So, while Texas food prices are fairly flat in the near term, it looks like we may be paying the price for Mother Nature’s harsh conditions soon. Brace your wallets accordingly.