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Meet a Farmer: Ricky Priess

By Nathan Smith Take a drive through the Texas Hill Country in the summer and you can't help but find fruit stands of all varieties along the farm-to-market roads. I was recently down in the area talking with peach growers about this year's crop, and I met Ricky Priess. He and his family operate a peach orchard in Stonewall near Fredericksburg. 2011 was [...]

News flash: It’s hot, dry and expensive

By Amanda Hill Whether you live in Central Texas, Dallas, Lubbock or Houston, Texans could play the same weather forecast on repeat–"It's hot, it's dry and there's no end in sight." The real trouble is, the extreme heat has deeper consequences than just making almost 25 million people very sweaty. The current Texas drought is [...]

I may be a ‘locavore’

By Amanda Hill Remember in school when you learned about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores? Those terms always made me think of dinosaurs, rather than dietary preferences. But in the past few months, I’ve been wondering if I’m a different kind of dinosaur—a “locavore.” I’ve heard several people describe locavores as people who eat local food. [...]

Brown Sugar Fruit Dip

By Kelly Bogard We eat a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables at my house, and I'm always looking for new ways to prepare and serve them. This week, Texas Table Top's Amanda Hill was nice enough to share her favorite fruit dip recipe with me. My family taste-tested the Brown Sugar Fruit Dip on Sunday [...]

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Price to the farmer (food prices, part 2 of 4)

Read part 1 of 4 Farmers and ranchers are an essential part of the food production process. Without them, we wouldn’t just be without fresh fruits and vegetables, but also our favorite cereals, dairy products and protein-packed cuts of meat. As with all business owners, farmers rely on the market to determine a fair price [...]

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