By Nathan Smith

Take a drive through the Texas Hill Country in the summer and you can’t help but find fruit stands of all varieties along the farm-to-market roads.

I was recently down in the area talking with peach growers about this year’s crop, and I met Ricky Priess. He and his family operate a peach orchard in Stonewall near Fredericksburg. 2011 was a rough year for peach growers, like every other farmer in Texas, because of the drought. But after talking with Ricky, I learned that peach farmers take the good with the bad.

Even in a drought year, farmers like Ricky and his family keep their perspectives on the bright side and pull up another tomorrow.

Ricky is the first in our new Meet a Farmer series on Texas Table Top. Through the Meet a Farmer segments, we’ll introduce you to the Texans who grow the food we all enjoy. One thing I know is that Texas farmers and ranchers are passionate about their jobs. They go to work before the sun comes up and continue long after sunset. They provide for their own familes and families across the state and nation. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself in our Meet a Farmer segments.