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Milk—Is it doing your body good?

By Amanda Hill We’ve all seen the commercials—the coolest actresses, athletes and entertainers proudly sport their milk mustaches. We’ve been told it does a body good. Got milk? You bet! Growing up, milk was a part of my everyday diet. I’d start the day with a bowl of cereal and skim milk. I’d have a [...]

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Celebrating National Dairy Month – Texas-style

By Jessica Domel Grab a glass of milk, a pint of Blue Bell or a wedge of cheese because it’s time to celebrate National Dairy Month! There are so many things to love that involve dairy products. If it weren't for milk, we wouldn't have creamy macaroni and cheese, banana splits, cheesecakes or pizza.  Imagine [...]

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Food fitness for National Nutrition Month

By Amanda Hill March is National Nutrition Month, an annual healthy eating campaign by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association). This month, registered dietitians are encouraging Americans to "get your plate in shape" by working on your food fitness. The thing about working out is...it's hard. It often takes a lot [...]

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Have you thanked a cow today?

By Nathan Smith How would we get through the Texas summer without ice cream? Answer. We wouldn’t. That’s my solution for beating the scorching Texas heat anyway. June brings sweltering temperatures to the Lone Star State—but it’s also time to celebrate National Dairy Month and the four-legged creatures that make it all happen. Few things [...]

Chocolate milk going extinct?

By Nathan Smith To this Texan, the only thing better than milk is chocolate milk. It’s a favorite part of my post exercise routine, so it’s a good thing I’m not a student in some Los Angeles or Washington, D.C. school districts where chocolate milk is a thing of the past. School administrators in some [...]