By Haley Herzog

What can be served cold or hot and is stacked with layers of Texas-grown foods?

Ah yes, the sandwich.

It can be savory or sweet. Hearty or light. Crispy, juicy and everything in between.

August is National Sandwich Month and what better way to celebrate than taking a bite out of a tasty Texas club? It’s the ultimate lunchtime meal.

Plain or sophisticated, sandwiches get their start on farms and ranches.

It all begins and ends with a toasty slice of wheat bread. Wheat is grown all over the Lone Star State—Rolling Plains, Central Texas, South Texas. And one bushel of wheat can make 90 loaves of bread. Now, that’s a lot of club sandwiches!

Slather creamy honey mustard on the bread. That condiment can be made using honey from some of the finest Central Texas honey bees.

Then stack the protein. This step is usually all preference, but the sky is the limit with how high your stack of meat climbs.

Add a couple slices of juicy East Texas turkey topped with black forest ham and some crispy pieces of bacon that come from Panhandle pork farmers or our friends in Iowa.

Once you stack your protein, layer the cheese. Did you know that 63 percent of our state’s milk comes from the Texas Panhandle? Our sandwich wouldn’t be complete without the warm, melted, rich taste of sharp cheddar and Swiss cheese.

And you can’t forget the veggies!

Top your sandwich with a piece of fresh South Texas lettuce, couple of ripe East Texas tomatoes and the tangy taste of Winter Garden purple onions.

A handful of chips and a pickle slice round out the plate. After all, pickles are a big ‘dill’ in Texas.

That’s a meal grown by Texans for Texans. And made in a kitchen near you.

Celebrate this National Sandwich Month the right way—Texas style.