By Julie Tomascik

Red barns. They’re an iconic symbol of agriculture. A mark of simpler times, hard work and family.

Those barns represent smaller farms and ranches. With many crops and a few cows, pigs and chickens.

But they also represent values of Texas agriculture—care and shelter for livestock, safe food and doing what’s best for the land.

Those values run deep. Always have. Always will. Without those values, it’s tough to imagine where agriculture would be today.

They are the foundation. The solid base for future growth.

Farmers and ranchers have an abundance of faith, determination and passion. It’s not sheltered under a red barn. It’s in their hearts.

So, let’s look beyond the red paint. To see that farmers and ranchers still have the same work ethic, passion and care for their land, livestock and families.

They’re committed to the agricultural way of life. No matter the color or size of their barn.

Today’s farms are bigger. Some are more diverse. Others only raise cattle.

But the values remain the same. And it’s still a great place to raise a family.

The barn just has a different color of paint.