By Julie Tomascik

Sweet, spicy, tangy, a hint of tomato or a touch of vinegar.

It’s the Lone Star State and we like our choices of sauce. Or no sauce at all.

But, no matter our preferences, we can all agree barbecue is a part of Texas culture.

The charred edges of a piece of brisket, the smoky flavor and the tender, juicy bites are part of a sacred ritual Texans know and love. After all, barbecue is served at nearly every event in the state.

So, when I joined the married club last Saturday, we served barbecue at our wedding reception.

And the great debate ensued—to sauce or not to sauce?

I’ll choose sauce every single time. My husband prefers no sauce, saying good barbecue doesn’t need to be dipped or smothered.

But I say good barbecue sauce doesn’t need barbecue. It goes on anything.

So, how saucy are you?