By Julie Vrazel

Walk into a grocery store and you’ll find yourself wandering through the maze of food choices. Bright, bold labels help guide you to your selection—natural, GMO-free, local, organic, gluten-free.

The possibilities are endless.

But what do you really know about those buzzwords and the food you’re buying?

Well, the farmers and ranchers behind those products and labels can tell you. And they’ll do it during the Food Dialogues: Austin this Thursday, Sept. 18.

They’ll share their stories of life on the farm. They’ll talk about their farming methods and the thought that goes into every acre planted—conventional or organic.

And ranchers will tell you what they do to make sure they’re humanely raising the beef on your plate.

Got food choices? Then, I’m sure you have questions, too. We all do. And no question is too simple or too complicated for our panels of farmers and ranchers to answer.

They come from all backgrounds—small and large, organic and conventional, grass-fed and grain-fed. But they have a few things in common. They all want to reconnect with you and they’re ready to answer the tough questions and take an in-depth look at Texas agriculture.

Food Dialogues: Austin will be a conversation spurred by you—the consumer. You can watch the livestream here and ask your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #FoodD.

Join us! Agriculture wants to talk to you.