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Are all farmers rich?

By Jessica Domel Some think farmers are rich. Others say they’re poor. Who’s right? The answer is both. People see our family farm and others like it and think, “They own all that land. They must be rich!” Some farmers inherit their land, like we did, from generations long gone. Some bought it in a [...]

Finding inspiration across Texas

By Jessica Domel I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration. I scroll through Twitter. I look at Facebook. I read a lot of books. But over the years, I've found that my greatest source of inspiration and creativity is people. I can capture a hundred great photos of wildflowers that people will like. [...]

A case of Spring Fever

I’ll admit it. I have a severe case of Spring Fever. The soil is calling my name, and I’m itching to dig my fingers in it. Getting outdoors and embracing nature just does something good for the soul. It’s why farmers and ranchers enjoy their jobs. And it’s one of the many reasons I enjoy [...]

4 green Texas foods for St. Patrick’s Day

By Julie Tomascik Texans celebrate in big ways, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Green food. Green drinks. Green clothes. Even the fields are turning green. But the celebrations wouldn’t be right without a Texas twist. Like eating these four green foods grown in the Lone Star State by hardworking Texas farmers. Green tomatoes. You [...]

4 snowpocalypse farm and ranch chores

By Julie Tomascik Misting rain, sleet, snow and ice. It’s agriculture’s frenemy. You know, friend and enemy. And this year’s Texas snowpocalypse was no exception. We need the moisture for crops and pastures to grow this spring—the friendly part that comes from the snowy mess. But it makes a tough enemy, increasing the difficulty of [...]