I’ll admit it. I have a severe case of Spring Fever.

The soil is calling my name, and I’m itching to dig my fingers in it.

Getting outdoors and embracing nature just does something good for the soul. It’s why farmers and ranchers enjoy their jobs.

And it’s one of the many reasons I enjoy being a part of Texas agriculture.

Nothing can beat the smell of freshly plowed soil. As a little girl, I was the lucky one. I’d sit in the fields, soaking up the sun and the smell of black dirt that surrounded my home.

It’s still the same every spring. I anxiously, and a little impatiently, wait to see our calves hit the ground, crops growing in the fields and plants blooming in our yard.

It’s the artwork of agriculture.

The fields start as a blank canvas. And farmers work as if they are Picasso himself.

Rows and rows of corn, wheat, soybeans, sorghum and more dot the roadsides. Cows and calves romp in the pastures.

It’s the masterpiece created by farmers and ranchers, with a little help from up above.

And you can create a work of art, too.

Your summer garden is ready and waiting for you. Buy some tasty fruit and vegetable starts and get to work digging in the soil.

Because today’s season brings timely rains, while Mother Nature shines her sun. And we all reap the benefits.