By Julie Tomascik

Texans celebrate in big ways, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.

Green food. Green drinks. Green clothes. Even the fields are turning green.

But the celebrations wouldn’t be right without a Texas twist. Like eating these four green foods grown in the Lone Star State by hardworking Texas farmers.

Green tomatoes. You can grow them in your backyard or almost anywhere in the state. Breaded and fried, these make a tasty treat to satisfy even the hungriest Texan.

Spinach. The vegetable made popular by the fast-talking, squinty-eyed Popeye the Sailor Man is grown right here in Southwest Texas. Farmers like Ed Ritchie grow the leafy, green crop. And it makes a healthy option for St. Patrick’s Day and throughout the year.

Asparagus. Comanche County farmer Tommy Elliott grows the vibrant green spears. What they lack in stature, they make up in bold flavor. Just throw them on the grill for a smoky complement to your meal.

Zucchini. Fried, grilled, or sautéed—it doesn’t matter how you cook it, you’re sure to enjoy! Or bake zucchini bread for a moist and delicious dessert.

Add beef or pork, mashed potatoes and a roll. Maybe even grilled jalapenos for a little heat and you have a Texas-style St. Patrick’s Day meal.

Because when in Texas, do as the Texans do. And on St. Patrick’s Day, do as the Irish do with a Texas twist.