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Efurd Orchards Peach Cobbler

By Kelly Bogard Over the last few weeks, I've been spreading the love about summer fruits and vegetables. Texas is blessed with some excellent growing conditions this year. And our produce is proving it.  The growing seasons for so many Texas commodities are still going strong, so let's just hope the weather and moisture the [...]

Watermelon Granitas

By Kelly Bogard Have you traveled around Texas lately on the back roads and through small towns? If you have, you probably noticed all of the roadside stands selling sweet melons and savory vegetables. I always like to stop and talk to the people running them. They're usually the ones that plant the seeds, care [...]

Zucchini Crisps

Working at Texas Farm Bureau, I have the great pleasure of getting plenty of fruits and vegetables to work with for the Texas Table Top blog. This summer is no exception. So far, I've been the recipient of cucumbers, peaches, onions and sweet corn. But one thing I haven’t seen this summer is zucchini. It [...]

Cookies ‘n’ Cream Malted Milkshake

By Kelly Bogard During the summer, I like to keep things super easy. I want meals to be quick, so I have more time to spend playing and having fun with family and friends. I also don’t want to be hot. Luckily, the recent rains have helped keep the heat lower than usual for this [...]

Microwave Pralines

By Kelly Bogard June 24 is National Praline Day. You know, the super sugary and crisp candies made just to transport buttery pecans. Well, at least that is how I like to think of them. This has to be my all-time favorite confection. My love for them started around age five at the Mexican food restaurant [...]