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Roasted Root Vegetables

By Kelly Bogard Not all vegetables are created equal. For that matter, lots of produce are that way. Some grow on trees. Or bushes. There are vegetables that grow above the ground. And others that grow below. Those—the ones that grow under—are what I really like to cook with this time of year. Roasted vegetables just seem [...]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

By Kelly Bogard I don't know about y'all, but I'm not a huge fan of cold weather. A Texas girl since birth, I just don't handle it well. I don't like coats or socks. But this time of year, they're a must. Along with a big bowl of soup to warm you to the core after [...]

Texas Caviar

By Kelly Bogard As we start the New Year, I want to share a little health, wealth and happiness. Health—this week's recipe is full of veggies to make your body strong. Wealth—it is said black-eyed peas are good luck and represent coins for a prosperous new year. And finally happiness—yummy food makes happy people! I can't [...]

Back to Basics: Pan Gravy

By Kelly Bogard Gravy. Warm and flavorful. It makes potatoes, rice and biscuits shine. Good at any meal for so many reasons. Quick and easy. And it makes everything taste better! Remember when your mom or grandma kept a can of fat sitting on the back of the stove? I do. My mom used bacon grease in all [...]

Pan Fried Pork Chops

By Kelly Bogard Ahhhh. Home-cooked meals. Enticing aromas. Joyful smiles at the dinner table. These are two of my favorite things about cooking. Both are ensured with a hearty meat and potatoes meal. Perfect this time of year. And with school starting, everyone's in a rush.  Activities abound. We need a stick-to-your-ribs dinner to keep [...]