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Goodbye, Dublin Dr Pepper

By Amanda Hill Last Wednesday marked the end of a Texas legend—Dublin Dr Pepper. The iconic soda, made with pure cane sugar, has stopped production after more than 100 years of bottling. It was a sad day in Texas. Dublin Dr Pepper was truly iconic. If you've ever traveled to the charming town of Dublin, [...]

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Holiday Hot Chocolate

By Amanda Hill Earlier this week I wrote about some of our family holiday traditions. One of my mom's and my favorite traditions is making all kinds of treats—all sorts of cookies, candies and other tasty confections—for family and friends. To go along with those treats, I found a great slow cooker recipe for Holiday [...]

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Have you thanked a cow today?

By Nathan Smith How would we get through the Texas summer without ice cream? Answer. We wouldn’t. That’s my solution for beating the scorching Texas heat anyway. June brings sweltering temperatures to the Lone Star State—but it’s also time to celebrate National Dairy Month and the four-legged creatures that make it all happen. Few things [...]

Sparkling Strawberry Agua Fresca

By Kelly Bogard It’s getting to be that time of year again. The kids are itchin' to get out of school for the summer, baseball is in full swing, and I'm resisting the urge to request my desk be relocated outside so I can catch some rays. Another thing is happening, too. All of the [...]

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